Forge MDK zip selection : not able to install the Zip

Published by Tarma on Wed, 01/02/2019 - 11:19
Issue description


First time installing MCreator. I launch the program, and a window appear (see in the attachment) with "Clic here to download Minecraft Forge ZIP" and "Clic here to install downloaded ZIP".

I clic the first button, download the forge ZIP with no problem, save it in "Bureau" (the desktop in french ^^') , see the second attachment.

The problem start here: when I clic the second button, I select "bureau" but... I don't find the .zip files :/ 

So, I'm block at this state: can't install the Forge files so can't use MCreator; can'ts even close the program (even with the "task Manager"). What must I do? Please help quickly ! 


(Edit: sorry for the language, I'm french and google trad is my friend ^^')

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The window who appear42.9 KB 42.9 KB
The Forge files are in the "bureau" folder15.83 KB 15.83 KB
But I don't find it with MCreator!40.64 KB 40.64 KB

Issue comments

EDIT: after force shutting down my computer and restart it, the program launch perfectly with no problem. Sorry for the spam, but the problem really exist...

Restart helps if you run multiple setups at once and they get stuck. Glad to hear you fixed this.