Vines on custom trees generate facing wrong direction

Works as designed
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Issue description

vines on custom trees with the built in custom tree generator for custom biomes generate facing in same direction (wrong direction on 3 sides) on each side of tree

Issue comments

Custom vines is made for any block and as we needed to keep it universal, we had to drop rotation support as not all blocks support rotation.

I have noticed this as well. I have created flat vines and had them spawn on custom trees but they are all facing the same way. I understand about the rotation support which is unfortunate, however, I made a on tick procedure to get them to fix themselves. Using random tick I've gotten this to work but it is too slow. Is there a way to speed this up? I have it set up to do on tick instantly so obviously it waits for the random tick which may take a while I guess. Some of them change right away some of them I've stared at for a whole minute without it changing. It'd be awesome to have a setting for a block, when spawned, to tick at a selected interval but only temporarily so as not to be laggy? Otherwise, I will post my procedure when I get home to see if anyone can see any changes that can be made to improve it or make it more efficient.

I have decided that it's better to spawn an invisible block as the vine and have it check which side the tree is on and replace itself with the corresponding block. Had to make 4 different blocks to start out with each lined up in different directions and so there doesnt appear to be floating vines temporarily I have them changing as the one above changes too. So the whole length changes at once. Next step is to incorporate corners. Sigh. It seems that this is somewhat how vanilla vines work. Makes me rethink about alot of other blocks I've done.