Dimension Portals

Published by Goldorion on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 12:49
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Issue description


I suggest some things, but I stay in the dimension portals. I'm sorry, if I can not to do that, but in my opinion, I find that is logic, if I do a "list" only on  same subject. I cann't, only say me, for I don't do that another time.


I would to know, if you would be able to add the possibility to create the portal dimension like for The End, in Minecraft Vanilla. I would also to know, if you can add the possibility to create a portal with only a block. I would also that you add the possibility to create a dimension without portal, and lighter, because I would  create a special thing for my mod.


I am very sory for my bad English, because I speak French, and I am not very good in Enflish.

Issue comments

The End like portal is way too complex to be implemented. There is teleport entity procedure block that can teleport entity to another dimension. Right now it is a bit buggy but this will be improved in the future updates.

With this procedure block, you can implement any portal variant you wish using procedure system.

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