Where did spawn air go?

Published by fishcute on Mon, 01/21/2019 - 15:31
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So im trying to make some structures that will spawn in the world. One issue: I don't want spawn air. I try to just use air, but it spawns the air and it looks ugly. I try using structure void (I read somewhere it does something for this), but it just spawns the structure void. I believe that the previous versions of mcreator had a spawn air option, but now in 1.8.1, i can't find it. Is there a secret option for this, or is there something wrong im doing. I use MCEDIT to export the structures. Also one last thing, I made shipwrecks but the shipwrecks are just spawning on top of the water. It looks really strange and it looks like some sort of jedi pirate got their ship sunken. Thanks!

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Issue comments

This has been explained quite a few times already. MCreator had spawn air option with schematics because MCreator was placing them block by block and could exclude air blocks. With new structures, MCreator just sends the whole structure to Minecraft and Minecraft places it. We don't have control over blocks spawning anymore.

In order to make a proper structure, place it in world, open test Minecraft client, place structure voids and generate structure using structure block, not using the external tool and the air will be excluded.

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