Infinite structure generation tutorial (backrooms)

Started by thebattybat on Sat, 11/19/2022 - 21:21

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Infinite structure generation tutorial (backrooms)
Sat, 11/19/2022 - 21:21

OK i did infinite generation in my mod so this is how it works:
There are two methods.
Method 1:
(This method is a little buggy and may look weird.)
Make a dimension with generation type Nether.
Make a new world and make a structure using Structure Blocks.
In the resources tab in MCreator, click Structures/Import structure from Minecraft.
Open your structure.
Make a "Structure" element.
Set the 'Structures per 1,000,000 chunks' to 1,000,000
Also make sure your structure is on Ground mode and it is set to your dimension biome.
Method 2:
(Make your structures beforehand and make them a set size (e.g. 10x10).)
Make a block.
Make an 'Update Tick' trigger.
Make a 'Do in dimension' block
Place your structure at the block.
Then make 4 If statements detecting if the blocks at x + structure size, x - structure size, z + structure size and z - structure size are air (Or the ground block if you bury your placer in the ground)
Put in the 'do' of the 4 if statements 'place your Placer blocks at at x + structure size, x - structure size, z + structure size and z - structure size'. That should make basic generation but you can study this workspace

sorry if i worded this weirdly im bad at tutorials