Most events can't execute commands

Published by Eroshodito on Sun, 01/27/2019 - 09:23
Works as designed
Issue description

For example mobontick, onmobdies, itemininventory, blocktick. These events can execute almost everything without the execute command...they get trough that without any error codes, but they simply skipping it. The same commands worked on the rangeditemused event but since I want it to be not dependent on the player are there any other events that can execute commands?

Issue comments

First, why did you select 1.8.2 issue when you are using 1.8.1?

The entity that is executing the command needs the permission for the command. Avoid using commands as they won't work at all in survival without cheats. We can't bypass this because the way Minecraft is made.

For the teleportation, you have a dedicated procedure block and use it instead.

I was able to correct it by adding a keybind, copied the code, and just running it from the event...

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