Unable to set more than 3 crafting recipes for my block

Issue description

I set up a crafting block using procedures and gui like it was done is this tutorial video here:


However I noticed it doesn't seem to allow me to set up more than 3 crafting recipes. As when I tried to add up to 7 of them for everyone below the 3rd crafting recipe it outputs the same as the 3rd recipe even though i have them all set to output different blocks from one another. I don't know what the issue is for why it is doing this but if it can be looked into it would be much appreciated.

Issue comments

I don't know if I should have made a new issue report about this same issue but I went ahead and attached the mcr file for the mod I'm making with the issue and the Procedure name is LogSawmillCrafting.

You are using = for comparison of different log blocks. = only checks for block type and all of them are logs. So the first one is matched and other recipes "don't work". What you need to do is use == block so the block type and metadata are matched.

I'm going to see if maybe I'm still not getting what you're meaning and not doing it right, but when I tried what you will see in the next mcr file I'm attaching my 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th recipes output my 6th recipe's output and my 4th recipe still outputs my 2nd recipe's output. So now my 3rd recipe no longer outputs what it was supposed to and only my 1st 2 recipes are working as intended.

The newer mcr file with my current issue after trying what you mentioned is posted above. I'm going to check my procedure again to see if I can figure out what I did wrong but the procedure name is still LogSawmillCrafting.

Ok, I see. Although == blocks should compare metadata, they do not do so if block/item type is used. This is a known bug too and we are working to fix it. Check this ticket for more info and for a code workaround until we get this resolved in MCreator: https://mcreator.net/tracker/issue/44418

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