Workspace Settings window is Bugged

Published by Hidan on Thu, 02/14/2019 - 12:19
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Issue description

So I wanted to start new mod and have noticed this
also tooltip of button that open's Workspace Settings says "Add new Mod Element"


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Issue comments

On which platform does this happen?

And is there an option for .mcr of this workspace so I can try to replicate this?

also another minor bug
after reloging to the world all rotated blocks are changing its rotations

I have imported your workspace and settings window looks fine in my 1.8.2 install. For the tooltip typo, I will fix it in next update.

Did you redownload the MCreator after the patch was released? I suggest you do a clean install with a fresh download from the website because both of the bugs you reported were fixed in 1.8.2 patch.

ou didn't know there was a patch 
I will download it soon 
thanks :)

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