Option to set food saturation modifier

Works as designed
Not applicable
Issue description

You know, in Normal minecraft when we eat a food, lets say a Steak...

A steaks refills Food bar by 4🍗🍗🍗🍗

And when the player misses like 2🍗, The players will recover the 2🍗 Missing and the 2 others will go into the Regeneration

But!!! Custom food don't give this regeneration, like in older version (1.7.10)

Issue comments

So custom food won't have saturation healing effect like other food? It only fills food bar

hummmm why you use the default then?

It has but is lower. We can add an option to specify a custom value for saturation in future updates.

Cool, you can change it into a feature request if you want, but i think it also work if we use event trigger [When food is eaten] and use add potion effect and manage to set it like we want

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