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Published by Hidan on Sun, 02/24/2019 - 21:28
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This actually appears in past MCR versions too but i Think I have discovered the problem of this, also found some other bugs related to Procedures

first we know that going threw custom dimension portal on survival moves you to different location than portal is placed
I have did some search and probably discovered the problem, problem is in coordinate conversion which in nether is 1:8 block of movement because in nether we move equivalently to 8 block in overworld but the main point is that in MCreator case this works only half way, our portal is created but we are not teleported to this portal or to equivalent coordinations or simply portal switches dimension but coordinations stays the same "Attaching screenshots to compare"

now about Procedures because there are several problems with them
1. Switching Dimension by procedure makes minecraft stuck on loading terrain "No matter if its pregenerated" after restarting MC and opening world it works fine 
2. Entering Threw Procedure to different dimension generates Nether Portal in it
3. Entering new dimension in Creative mode have same results to entering it threw portal in survival, does not change coordinates

This are all the stuff I found on this and I'm quite sure that this bug is related to 1:8 Coordination Conversion


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Issue comments

Thank you for your info and findings!

The issue with teleport procedure is known but not fixed yet. For the issue with portal placement, the issue is indeed 1:8 coordinate conversion, but I don't know why the conversion is properly applied in creative but not in survival. Once I find out why I will fix this bug. Ticket related to this: https://mcreator.net/tracker/issue/44985

For the teleport procedure not working, this is a more complex issue and I do not have a definite fix for this one yet.

I think Dimension procedure might not work because its not calling Chunk Generator method else world provider or both 
but about entering threw portal you can try to get coordinates of linked portal and teleport entity to it

PS: Can you remove Tick rate limit for block? 
Currently its max value is 1k which forces to change it manually threw code editor

I can increase it, but not remove entirely. You could also use block local variables to extend the duration: eg. each tick update increase the value of the block variable. But I will increase the max. tick rate value to much larger value too.

For the first bug, I have found a solution so in 1.8.3 the portals will work as they should.

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