Not right dependency of forge though I have the latest 1.12.2

Published by SkylieTuff on Sun, 02/24/2019 - 22:57
Issue description

if you look close

if you look closely, after porting mod to jar and trying to load it is wanting an older version dependency of forge which it shouldn't require, it should just load I would think anyway. 

Issue comments

which is the downgraded version of forge so it would be pointless to do, so i should probably go on to a new modding creation tool. 

  1. Check the version we use is marked Recommended and not outdated, the latest versions are development versions
  2. In the ticket, I linked you have a workaround for this if you insist on using development releases that are generally less stable
  3. MCreator 1.8.3 will have option to disable this check in workspace settings

Link is broken. 503 error... Also still thinking of going custom stuff 4 mod, gets all I want done thru json files and no waiting for years for you to get your groove on. I mean seriously, if you want modders to actually like your program fix it and allow us to do more than ever before. 

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