Mob not spawning in Nether-like dimension

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Issue description

i have a nether like custom dimension with their custom Stone as main filler block, Unfortunately Mobs ar not spawning on the custom stone, The stone uses Material:Stone

Issue comments

Ok, i will do it this friday (because i cant use PC during Monday-Thursday) #parentStrict

I am typing using my phone if you ask yourself

if you don't delete your received .MCR file, i think you have my workspace

i sent it lot of times for my bug reports, it's Elemental Masters

Water Dimension

Made with Water Frame Block and Water key as igniter

make sure you use the latest mcr file

Unfortunately I can't import the .mcr, it's too large, it has 10.67MB

I am making a big mod :)

Hope it will fit when updating my Modification

Also i set Guardians to spawn in this Biome and so Dimension but Guardians are not spawning in the water

i tried it with Vanilla Water and they don't spawn

I tried with a Custom Fluid(SpecialWater2) and they don't spawn

The workspace link you sent me on the email does not work and says that Upload is still in progress. Could you try to re-upload it and send me the link on the mail again?

Ok I exported a new MCR file and repost it on Mediafire and sent you the link in mail, ItMightWork

I have checked and your custom mobs do indeed spawn in your dimension. I did not see guardians, however. I am not sure why this is happening and I was not able to find a reason or a fix for this.

My suggestion for vanilla mobs, for now, is to make a structure only containing this mob and set this structure to spawn in the dimension and it will spawn your mob with it. This is kinda hacky way, but it should work.

If I find a reason for vanilla mobs not spawning I will let you know. but it could be their spawn configuration that is causing this.

I have re-tried to see if it's true and Surprisingly they spawn???(but no guardian)

Also another thing I just FOUND is that my portal spawn on the Dimension's Roof (Bedrock rood) Including Dungeons of the dimension..., For Nether like dimension, I should choose GROUND or UNDERGROUND spawn?


I will attach an Image of the thing, look

Underground would be better.

For the portal spawning on the roof, this bug will be fixed in 1.8.3 too.

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