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Published by Sam87Gamer on Mon, 03/18/2019 - 03:50
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Issue description

I've noticed as I was making a bow, that when pulling back and letting go, there is on alternation to the amount of power given to the arrow when it is released depending on how long you hold the right mouse button. Since many people will be making bows, this is a HUGE issue, so what I believe could be a good thing to add is the option to add a feature in which you can check-mark if you want power to increase based on the bow pull-back animation, so basically how regular minecraft does it, but since there is the option to add a certain amount of power, it should gradually build up before reaching the maximum amount you have to hold right click for, which could be done by calculating a certain percentage out of the full power, or another option, could be adding 3 boxes, for each time you pull back more, and having that determine the power.

EDIT INCASE IT IS CONFUSING, because I think it might be:

Basically, when pulling back, you always  get the same amount of power no matter how long you hold right click for. A nice feature would be to make it so the longer you hold right click, the more power the arrow gets (the way vanilla minecraft works). This could be added by making mcreator calculate a smaller portion of the full power, and making that the power when the bow is not fully charged, and since there are 3 pullback stages, it needs to calculate it 2 times, lowest amount of power, half of power, and full power, or it could be done by adding 3 boxes, and having each one determine the power from all 3 stages of the pull-back animation.

Issue comments

I think this should be a tickbox for whether you want to have the ranged item charge for higher power.

Because with some ranged items, it's weird that you can charge them, and the way they look stretched while doing so can also be very strange.

Charging menu -v

projectile speed

projectile gravity

projectile expire time(and a tickbox to enable)

projectile expire distance(and a tickbox to enable)

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