Advancement procedure blocks only list custom advancements

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Issue description

I was making a procedure for which the player has to complete an advancement, in this case beating the Ender Dragon. However, as I began making the procedure, I noticed that the   'has provided entity completed achievement' block had no possible achievements to choose from. So did the 'add achievement to provided entity' block. I tested this by creating an Mcreator advancement, and it had no trouble detecting that. This issue was not present in 1.8.2, but for some reason it was in 1.8.3.

Issue comments

You did not see this in 1.8.2 because has provided entity achievement block was added in 1.8.3.

We will consider adding other achievements to this list in the next updates. I am changing this to a feature request.

Keep in mind that adding achievement procedure block can only trigger custom advancements due to a limitation in Minecraft code.

Ah. Ok. I found a temporary way round not being able to use the advancement for killing the Ender Dragon by creating a new advancement that activates when an entity of type Dragon is killed, so I am using that in the meantime.

Hi Klemen, I think I ran into something similar to this in 1.8.3.  For my Gravels mod, players can smelt the colored gravels and receive the colored glass for doing so or craft sands with the gravels to get concrete.  What I wanted to do is add achievements for smelting the glass and also for the crafting of the gravels to award the player for achieving them.  

Blue Gravel smelted=Light Blue Glass
4 Sand + 4 Blue Gravel crafted=blue concrete

I don't see any way to give an achievement for either smelted or crafted items that give Vanilla Minecraft blocks.  Would I have to import all the Vanilla Glass & Concrete to have their own "custom" blocks and then I can give achievements?  Feels like a wrong way around it?  What do you think?  -Thanks, Steve

Add achievement to the player procedure block can only trigger custom advancements due to a limitation in Minecraft code.

We will add all achievements to the list of has entity achievement procedure block in 1.9.0.

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