"Can item be smelt" and "Get smelting output of item" procedure blocks

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Issue description

The block "can item be smelt" checks if an item can be smelt (like iron ore, raw porkchops, etc.).

The block "get the smelting output of item" gets the output of the item if it was smelt in a furnace.

These blocks could be used to make a custom furnace or maybe even an auto-smelting pickaxe.

Issue comments

Nice idea. I have found a way to do this in code, but we will add procedure blocks for this in the future too.

  • Check if it can be smelt: FurnaceRecipes.instance().getSmeltingResult(itemstack) != ItemStack.EMPTY
  • Get smelting output FurnaceRecipes.instance().getSmeltingResult(itemstack)

This feature will be added in MCreator 1.9.0. I am closing this ticket now.

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