Lightning spawned using the "Strike Lightning at x y z" procedure is invisible

Published by CTMx on Sat, 04/06/2019 - 13:31
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Issue description


I just figured out that the lightning bolt that I spawn using the "Strike Lightning at x y z" procedure successfully does summon a Lightning Bolt, but said lightning bolt is invisible. It lights the ground on fire, and makes the thundering sound as well, but the Bolt itself isn't visible. Here's a GIF of a clip I recorded:

Invisible Lightning Bolt Bug


To assure myself I tested my mod on my computer and 2 of the laptops at my home as well, and the same result was obtained. Please fix this bug soon!

Thanks and regards,


Issue comments

Thank you for your comprehensive and detailed support tickets. All tickets should look like this :)

I have isolated the cause of this and we will fix this bug in next update.

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