Armor Textures Selection Bug

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Issue description

Armor textures can have different  resolutions, Normal is 64x32 but it can 128x64,  256x128,   512x258,    1024x512 and it continues infinitely

Well if our armo model are having different resolutions, They look weird in Armor Texture selection, We have small textures and Big Textures that can be selected and it's hard to find small ones, So can you fix this? So we can have armors with Different resolutions at same size in selection


PS: There wasn't this bug in 1.8.2

Attachment Size
Big Layer armor53.64 KB 53.64 KB
Small Layer armor1.53 KB 1.53 KB
How it look191.37 KB 191.37 KB

Issue comments

I will check and fix this. Thank you for the report. Would you mind attaching some examples with different sizes for testing? Thanks!

Yeah, the big one is a bit ugly, You will see in Elemental Masters 2.0.2 how the armor textures changed, with the help of someone

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