Remove 3D rendering of X-Model

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Issue description

Something I found people want when looking deep in the forums, is to remove the 3D rendering of X Model of Blocks or Plants, and for plants, make it look like an Item in hand

Like Deadbush, flowers, sapling are plants but it does not have 3D rendering as far as I know



Also Why are they rendering like this in hand or dropped at soil?

Issue comments

I have changed this to a bug report as you said this is not a normal way of rendering for the plants.

ok, between a question: why didn't you fixed this bug a long time before and should waiting a ticket for it?

I kinda forgot about this bug, this happens if too many bug reports (with many of them being duplicates) are sent and posted everywhere.

yeah I set an item that places the plant so that there is no bugging out.

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