Add Square and Double Plant Model

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Issue description

There is X model which is a model used for Plants such as flowers but, There isn't Square Model, You know, Growable Plants such as wheats, carrots, potatoes, beetroot...

All have Square Model, if you don't know how a Square model look like, check it yourself (I don't know if square model is the real name)

It looks like a "#" but not in italic




BTW: is the delay between opening a new ticket is really 36h? It look like it is actually 18h or less... I think I shouldn't tell you that because you will change it :(

Issue comments

We will consider adding this.

Regarding the delay, I know it is not 36 hours and we are working to fix this. And thank you for being honest and saying a word about this, because if the delay is not big enough no one will benefit as I can't keep up with all the bugs reported otherwise. This only results in mess, forgotten bug reports and me wasting time I could be developing MCreator and fixing bugs with reading issue tracker and most of the time closing duplicate tickets as many people don't bother to search before opening a new ticket.

I feel important Thanks :D

I understand it's hard for you to check every ticket each day and developing MCreator at same time but there are sometime good sides, like good feature requests (like I do heh :D) and some important bug fix like the one about custom biomes not working in procedure which you just replied to just 5mins ago (yep I know all what's going on on the website) and when there is more feature requests accepted, it makes MCreator having more things and possibilities, this is why I try to open a feature request ticket everyday so if they are accepted, they will 100% be added in a next update or 2.0.0, Remember that no one really force you, just take your time and reply to tickets/developing mcreator at your Own rate :DDD

And also if you forgot bug reports, community is always here to remind (am not talking about only me)

If I replied to tickets, at any rate, important reports could get lost in the clutter of tickets that would quickly build up.

Ok, don't take it bad all what I say, I try to be helpful by requesting features :D

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