Mob Riding dose not work on ghasts.

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Issue description

Ghasts are not ridable and are smaller than they should be, I have tried it with and without AI and I have not used the inherited AI option.

I am trying to get the ghost to act as a flying hot air balloon or airplane but with no success.

It started as a simple request on my channel but has become riddled with issues around many corners. I have provided a document with the issue and the workspace in a zip file below.

The ghast can be spawned using the custom spawner egg witch will act as a portable capture pod to summon/unsommon a crature.

The problem I am having is hat with AI or no AI the mod is unridable as a ghast form. I did not use the based on AI option
so I am not sure what the issue why its not able to ride is. Also the ghast is very small for its size, that may be a bug as its own.

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Issue comments

I have found the cause of this bug. Ridable entities don't seem to work at all. You can fix this by adding a dummy procedure that can do nothing on the on entity right clicked procedure trigger.

We will fix this bug in MCreator 1.8.4.

Regarding ghast size, this is default ghast model size in Minecraft, it is scaled with real ghasts later in render but this render is specific for ghast entity only.

Cool, I learned something new, I always thought that ghasts where really that big with the model makes sense though.
Thank you for fixing the bug. Did 1.8.4 already get released or did you mean 1.9.0?

We have changed the version name from 1.8.4 to 1.9.0, but the comment is from the time when we still called this update 1.8.4. You can see it is marked as Fixed in 1.9.0 in ticket card.

If ghasts are scaled in minecraft, could you add an option for scaling mobs? This can be useful for making big mobs without having to draw huge HD textures that can cause lag (so we can make mobs like the Giant, which have a little texture but are huge)

I think one needs a custom renderer to do this and the last time I was trying to do this, I did not manage to do this. I will try and see what can be done once I get time to look into this.

I think Cubik has support for scaling mesh, I have come across this feature and have used it for items however I have recently used Cubik for testing for a tutorial for MCreator while exporting to .java, I am not sure if other applications would have this same support but I know you can scale using Cubik. If you have some extra cash laying around I would suggest investing in the program for your modeling needs. it dose blocks, items, and entities. UV mapping and supports rotation of cubes. I made my More Blox models using the software.

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