Texture Cloning

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Issue description

When you add a texture to Mcreator, using the texture maker or some outside source, it appears under the resources tab 'textures'. there are, however, no options for those textures beyond editing, creating, and deleting. I would like a 'duplicate' tool, so that you can clone a texture you have made. This would be helpful for people wishing to make ores for mod blocks, if they have already made the texture for the block in the Mcreator texture editor. If they have already saved the texture, there are no ways to go back to it, change something and then save the changes under a different texture, whilst keeping the original the same.

A system to export textures made with Mcreator would also work, as you could reimport one and change it, with the changes submitted under a separate file.

Thank you for reading the ticket :D

Issue comments

I will add a duplicate button. We plan to do more improvements to the texture editing support in MCreator in the future too.

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