Option to make custom blocks and plants flammable

Published by vaggelsavv on Mon, 07/22/2019 - 12:21
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Issue description

i think its self explanatory

Issue comments

I have done some testing and it does indeed not set on fire. One needs to register the block to fire block to make it ignite. I am changing this to a feature request.

For users that use custom code, add this to your block constructor:

Blocks.FIRE.setFireInfo(this, 5, 20);

where 5 is how fast the block catches the fire and 20 how fast the block will burn.

plants would be handy too, I think cobwebs and some other blocks also are flammable, it may be worth going over the material list and checking over the fire burning properties for each one. to make sure it works with the game or even better yet add a checkbox for players to enable if they want it to catch fire or not.

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