More parameters for potions

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Issue description

The current potion element lets users create custom status effects, but is still limited when it comes to potion bottles. Namely, it can only create potions that last for 3 minutes and with the custom effect that's being created, while potions in vanilla Minecraft can:

  1. Last less than 3 minutes in their base forms (e.g. instant effect potions, Regeneration Potion, Poison Potion)
  2. Have an extended or a strong version
  3. Have no effects or more than one effect (e.g. Awkward Potion, Potion of the Turtle Master)

I think it would be a good idea to rename the current potion element to "Status effect" and add a dedicated "Potion" element for potion bottles.

Issue comments

It would require too much refactoring in code to do this and this does not make much sense either.

We do plan to add support to configure your bottles and other effects in potion editor in the future update.

You can go into the code and replace this line:

super(new PotionEffect[]{new PotionEffect(potion, 3600)});

to :

super(new PotionEffect[]{new PotionEffect(potion, 7200)});

for a 6 minute potion instead of a 3 minute one.

A workaround for Custom Bottles can be that you can make custom food or gun if you want to threw your bottle

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