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In coding comments are used to not change how code works but allowing the developer or future developers read the notes without disturbing the code that is being run.

Having a procedure element to keep track of things like specific settings or what sections of code dose or even add titles so when things are minimized it's easy to know what minimized thing is for what. Procedure comments could allow the mod creator the ability to better organize and work with other more efficiently both as someone that teaches how to use the program like my self or as someone in the future working with others to develop a mod together.

You could even export the procedure and hive more in-depth information when you share the procedure with others online so others can learn things better and not be dependant on watching 10 min tutorials to explain everything to do with what your teaching.

It's just an idea, if others can use this then please upvote the suggestion so help get this implemented. As for what version whenever possible but unless the demand is high for this feature to be added then 2.x.x

Issue comments

You can already use comments in procedures. Just go to File -> Preferences -> Blockly editor -> Allow block comments. To add comment then, open procedure editor, right-click on a block and click Add comment.

The commenting feature on blocks is nice for documentation but it does not increase code visibility.

I love the environment and the top three things I am missing are these:

- ability to create and call a generic procedure with the ability to define input parameters and a return value (in a way the local variables are defined)

- ability to group code pieces into blocks - these blocks would do nothing, just would be collapsible and thus could improve code navigation and readability - and if the group could have a label (that would be totally stunning)

- ability to add code comments - those that are visible in the code inline with the rest - again, for readability of more complex codes

Otherwise - fantastic work, guys! I started playing with MCreator about a week ago and I am impressed and caught up. :D

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