A slider element for GUIs

Published by Goldorion on Sat, 09/07/2019 - 22:02
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I don’t really know how they named, but I want to speak of that. https://images.app.goo.gl/q7NRA46fvjgifJhy8

I think that this feature for our custom GUI may be very nice because with that we are able to to add configuration GUI to our mods.


For example, I have a custom item that when player right click on it, I spawn a number of mobs. In the custom GUI, I can put a “Scroll Bar” that go to 1 to 100 (The maximum number are able to change when creating it.). So, like the number is to 10 (Just for the example), 10 zombies (For the example) will be summon.


I hope to have be clear, and this feature may be very nice.


P-S : And just a question, the 1.9.1 is for Sunday, or in the week ?

Issue comments

Nice idea, we will consider adding this in the future.

For 1.9.1, we do not disclose the release dates, but keep the eye on the progress bar. After the progress bar is at 100%, it can still take a few days for us to complete testing.

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