MCreator Exporting Issue? [Items/Blocks missing]

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Issue description

I've run into a major glitch/bug (not sure what to call it) in MCreator 1.9.1.

When launching the mod within MCreator itself, everything works perfectly fine and all the blocks/items/sounds are there!

However, once you export the Mod and run it elsewhere (using the same forge version or different) no blocks or items appear at all in the game, but the custom sounds are still there, and can be accessed and used!

Issue comments

Could you attach the exported mod jar too, I have imported your workspace and exported it to JAR and it worked on my computer? Thank you for all the info! :)

I have loaded your JAR and it worked on my computer. I will do my best to figure out why this is happening and will release a patch update fixing this.

It works! Everything is now showing up in the menus, advancements are showing up as well, and everything seems to be working okay!

trying to build the mod in anyway just spits out an error :

Error that the console is giving me

Sorry for the late reply!

Another quesion, I might be on something. What is the exact name of the exported JAR file you placed in the mods folder?

General Jar Export name : vanilla_plus_x_x_x (x's replaced by numbers)
Mod Display Name : Vanilla +
Mod ID : vanilla_plus

Try renaming jar exported file to say vanillaplus.jar and try again if it works (the original exported jar).

While exporting the mod, it still gave me the same error in the console, however the export was successful and all the blocks/items/mobs are appearing.

I can also confirm that exporting it as both "vanillaplus.jar" and "vanilla_plus_x_x_x.jar" it still works on exporting.

I have a similar problem. Redstone block I made works fine in mcreator, sort of. It has weird issues with it and no matter what I tried I couldn't get it to extend its power past 1 block unless I used another block. Than it worked for up to 2 blocks, but it was due to quasi connectivity connection. Anyway, I exported it java because I liked what I had so for, ran it, and the redstone function stopped happening. So not sure what happened. 

I have found the cause and a proper solution. A patch update has been released:

PATCH UPDATE 23. 9. 2019, 18:45 CEST

There were some bugs found in MCreator 1.9.1 so we decided to release a patch update. If you are having one of the following bugs and downloaded MCreator before the time of the patch, consider reinstalling version 1.9.1:

  • [Bugfix #53239] Mods did not contain any mod elements if they were located in a path or had a name containing any special character or whitespace
  • [Bugfix] Custom blocks and items had logWood selected for ore dictionary by default
  • Added ore dictionary to plants
  • Added option to disable harvest level specification for blocks

To apply the patch (fix these bugs), uninstall MCreator 1.9.1, download it again and install it again. After reinstalling it, make sure to regenerate code in all the workspaces you already opened with MCreator 1.9.1 by clicking Build & run -> Regenerate code and build.

Thank you for a quick response and information you provided :)

No problem! Glad I could help and give all the info needed to help resolve this issue! :)

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