Flying mobs cannot be hostile

Published by mr_howards on Mon, 09/23/2019 - 21:45
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Just something ive noticed,ive tried to make a hostile flying mob and they arent able to chase you.Yeah shure they can hit you if you collide with them,but they cant chase you down mid air.

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Issue comments

could we get this in a patch for 1.9.1, considering that 1.9.2 will be for 1.14.4 rather than 1.12.2? The mod i've been working on is for 1.12.2 and i do not intend to go to 1.14.4 or higher until it is finished.

I will see. 1.12.2 will be supported in 1.9.2 too. Based on the number of issues with 1.9.1, we might do a full update too, we will see.

Both flying mobs not attacking and not rotating bugs will be fixed in 2020.2.

For 1.12.2, mobs attack quite slowly for some unknown reason with the same code concept as for 1.14.4, but in 1.14.4, they work perfectly.

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