Dependencies are broken

Published by Hidan on Thu, 09/26/2019 - 19:31
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Issue description

It seems that making mod depending on others does not do anything, 
usually, MC should pop up with Error that says that mod A requires mod B to work
where in fact it does not work at all

Issue comments

Show the contents of your file in exported and and screenshot of workspace settings, I will check.

Well you need to put mod id in all of the text fields to make them be saved in file

Even if you do that, mod will still not gonna check if required mod is installed

Keeping only required and dependencies will gonna add them to info file but still does not make any difference

PATCH UPDATE 30. 9. 2019, 15:45 CEST

There were some minor bugs found in MCreator 1.9.1 so we decided to release a patch update. If you are having one of the following bugs or want to have the features added in this path and downloaded MCreator before the time of the patch, consider reinstalling version 1.9.1:

  • [Bugfix #53401] Mod dependencies did not work
  • [Bugfix #53439] Existing buttons in GUI editor could not be resized
  • [Bugfix #53287] MCreator could get extremely laggy with large console tab contents
  • [Bugfix] Duplicate mod element button did not work for some mod element types
  • Improved mob spawning in custom dimensions
  • Added template manager to preferences
  • Instead of default UI background images, custom images and mod screenshots can be used

To apply the patch (fix these bugs and get the listed features), download MCreator 1.9.1 again and install it over the current installation.

Leave a comment below and tell us what is your favorite new feature of MCreator 1.9.1. Stay tuned!

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