Crop like plant option

Published by yhfrag on Sat, 10/12/2019 - 20:20
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Issue description

I would like to see a more indepth plant creation. For my mod in particular (this would also benefit other people aswell) I would need multiple stages of growth and multiple blocks in height. I'm not sure if it would be possible to pull it off how i image, but i would like to save the hassle of creating 24 differant blocks, then creating another 24 growth procedures.

Issue comments

I would love to see this!
I currently need to do some bloody text based code while also doing a F ton of work around procedure work to get this to work.

Using structures also F

This would be a epic feature and i really hope they add this in 1.9.2 
Klemen please add this!

also please add a procedure option for when a plant block is added, 
also please add sapling options! 

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