3D armor arms option

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They could add the option to set the arm part of the java model armatures, as there is currently no such function, so even if I model the arm part, I can't make them move.

Issue comments

It would be nice if there was a section for a belt in leggings part

Check my previous comments here.

You can by all means install 2020.4 snapshot too and use this feature already.

oh nvm i found it! :D will i have problems importing workspaces with locked code elements?

thanks again

im testing on 2020.4 but no luck; i used 2 types of models (blockbench); on the first i made 3 separeted groups (armor, armL and armR) and on the other i put all on the same group (2 arms groups inside the armor group), i imagine the first model is the right yet its not working, i put all the UV box inside the 'Body' space

i dont know if this help, but i think i found a error on the code here:


armorModel.bipedLeftArm = new Modelcrusader_armor().ArmL;
armorModel.bipedLeftArm = new Modelcrusader_armor().ArmR;   <---- there are 2 left arms


when i fix that manually it works fine!


i actually read the entire topic you just linked, i just did not undertand i guess, the legs and boots work on the same way i supose right?

congratulations again for this feature, i cant tell how thankfull i am, and good job on the hole Mcreator, this program is getting better each day, i use it since it start and im very impressed with the progress you guys achived.

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