Option to convert item to block in procedures

Published by Modder10 on Wed, 01/08/2020 - 00:12
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Issue description

I want to make a block placer block that has a gui. You put an item in the slot in the gui, then power the block with redstone to make it place the block. The issue is, in the procedures, I can't put the "Get item from slot _ of inventory _" block or a variable of any kind in the  "Place ___ At x, y, z" block like this: "Place <Get item from slot 0 of inventory blockPlacer> at x, y, z"

This is because the gui could have an item that is not a block in it. My suggestion is that you make a way to only be able to put specified items in gui slots, changeable for each slot in it's settings. Then, "Get item from slot _ of inventory _" could have a counterpart that is only for blocks, so you could make the "Place _ at x, y, z" place more than one thing.

Also, you could maybe implement an item variable, where you can set the variable to different items.

Basically, I just don't want to specify every single block in Minecraft to be able to place.

My current code for the block placer. The white lines are showing where I want the 'Get item from slot _ of inventory _' blocks to go.

Issue comments

I can't see your "code screenshot", although code should go in a text not in screenshot anyways.

I have changed this to request for "Option to convert the item to block" where a fallback block is an item is not convertible to block would be specified.

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