[SOLVED]: 3D Armor Texture Bug

Issue description

Hello! I went to test the model / texture of my 3D armor, it works, however when placing the player or a zombie (equipable), the texture is with some bugs without any sense! (Still images). There are two, one for the zombie, who has a beard, this beard normally generates, but it generates an extra beard on the zombie's forehead and the other helmet is for the player, this one has segments of the horns (of the armor) on his face, the that doesn't make any sense. I thought it was the extra tab for "Name of the texture" so I left the armor texture clean (white / transparent) and left only the texture of the model (which is in a different "mobs" folder), but nothing has changed, please help! xD

As the normal helmet (without a beard) was supposed to look:

How the beard was supposed to look:


How the normal is in the game:


How the bearded is in the game:



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Issue comments

This usually happens if the armor model overlaps with the model of the entity. There are a few forum topics on this, search a bit :)

[SOLVED]: Hello! The mistake was really there, the armor texture was on top of the player texture area, thanks Klemen! Now both armatures work without graphics errors! I moved them to the bottom of the image (texture), where nothing is rendered!

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