Mcreator bug due to turkish character

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Issue description

I use mcreator from 1.7.2 to now. In older versions i couldn't use mcreator with turkish primary language for windows. So i should change primary language every time. Because when i try to create new item, "i" letter automatically changes to "İ" in coding (because capital i is "İ" in turkish) and program crashes because "İ" detected as unrecognized character. In new versions this bug was fixed. But today I upgraded my mod workspace to 1.14 and I had this problem again.

All breakable with pickaxe blocks seems ".harvestTool(ToolType.PİCKAXE));" like that. So, build task fails.

symbol:   variable P�CKAXE
  location: class ToolType
C:\Users\x\MCreatorWorkspaces\x\src\main\java\net\mcreator\x\ error: cannot find symbol



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