GUIs make crash the game randomly

Published by Goldorion on Mon, 03/02/2020 - 16:29
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Issue description

I was testing Farm Adventure II with the new snapshot and I wanted to open my Guide Book, but the game hadcrashed. I re-ran the game and tested to the open the GUI of the Spells, and the game has re-crashed. I ran the game for a third time, and try to open The World Change Block, and the game didn't crashed. I can use it perfectly. So, I tried to see what was wrong, but I didn't find something. I have finally decided to search on the website, but I found nothing.

What makes me think that this is a bug is that I had already tried to open these same GUIs in 2020.1 and it worked perfectly.

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Issue comments

Which GUI should I check and how do I open it? And did you test this in SP or MP scenario?

You should open Spells’ GUI and Guide Book’s GUI. For the spells, press "G", and you should see the GUI a few seconds. For the Guide Book, take the Guide Book item (Creative Tab "Items") and right click. I only test in SP.

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