World Generator keeps crashing after adding structure

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I added a structure to a dimension in my mod but after adding that, the world generator kept crashing.

even after i removed that structure.

I tried rebuilding the workspace, didn't work. 

It also seems to be server side......


I hope this can be fixed

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Issue comments

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bound must be positive

This is usually caused if one of the ores has its spawning frequency parameters set to 0. Check your ores and make sure frequency per chunks and on chunk is not 0.

I have imported your workspace and generated 5 worlds and they did not crash. Are there any other specifics to this?

And how exactly do I get there?

 I would need more help and details, please give details, or I can't help you.

In the creative inventory on the second page of tabs there is a block called "sugarenia portal block" in the "ancient realms blocks" tab.

Place that block and walk straight into it

Here is your problem:


Minimal number is larger than maximal number. I found this in cookieminer2, but there could be more cases, look for them.

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