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Ok first off want to say I didn't want to make this here as an issue tracker but I'm not sure how else to get a hold of the mcreator staff.

This issue seems to be an ongoing thing for me as this is the second time it's happened and I just want to know what's going on or wrong with my uploaded modifications.

Back in 1.7.10 I believe it was I uploaded a green diamonds mod or the green diamond mod something like that and eventually another mod called unique food stalks mod and I was happy I had completed and uploaded two mods. Next thing I know some time later my green diamonds mod, my original 1st mod and main reason I started mcreator was removed from the website and my account entirely and I don't understand why. I chalked it up to it being too similar to someone else's and moved on content in that at least my 2nd mod, unique food stalks mod was still there. Well 4 years later it's still the case, 1st mod gone, 2nd mod still there and I start modding again and finally finish my 3rd mod, jumbled itemry.


I upload it and I now have 2 again. Unique food stalks mod and jumbled itemry. I decided I want to update unique food stalks mod and edit it's page to let the community know as such and begin to work on the update and even changed the name from unique food stalks mod to just  (unique food stalks).


Both mods were still there at least until the last time I was able to be on this site in awhile then I just find out today my 2nd mod has been removed as well and I'm now down to just 1 upload again and I think what did I do this time why are my mods getting removed, far as I can tell no one has similar name to it and older mods than mine are still here so why then was it removed.


So I guess all I'm asking is for am explanation as to why they've been removed or at the very least why was my unique food stalks mod removed this year or last out of nowhere it seems. This kind of thing happening with no explanation makes me want to give up modding for the mcreator community altogether since if it keeps happening it's not like anyone will really even get to try out the mods I put my brain power behind. 


Again any information is appreciated I just don't know where to post this so I can get any answers that can be provided.

Issue comments

I am sorry to hear this. We have some older inactive mods removed from our servers due to a lack of server space (an automated process that checked for last change on the mod page, mod page age, download count and some other parameters).

We do not make much money off of this *free* project and can't afford unlimited server space, so we had to go through older mods to make space for newer mods.

It could be one of the reasons on this page too:

If you have further questions, feel free to ask here.

As far as I know I do follow most if not all the guidelines but I'm glad to finally have an answer. I had thought it may be a server space issue but I didn't think to mention it. I guess I'll just keep trying and see what happens. Again thank you for your help as always.

Yeah that's the only one I've got left. Though granted the one that got removed recently, Unique Food Stalks, was at least 4-6 years old before it got removed. It wasn't as fleshed out as the one in the link in your comment but I had started making an update for it in the v1.0.1. But I am making a dependant mod for it and or all my mods so I currently have that update paused in development. 

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