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Published by 91arrows on Thu, 04/23/2020 - 22:19
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I'm creating a flying rideable entity. I've noticed that its height can't be controlled (i'm fine with it), but there should be a new feature in which the y position is controllable by looking down or up or pressing shift and space.

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I will consider adding this. I omitted second part since it is out of scope at the moment and is another feature in existing ticket (check TOS).

We do not have release dates, but usually, this depends on ticket popularity, complexity, our time we have and many other factors.

This feature will be possible in 2020.3 as we will add a new get riding entity procedure block. I am closing this ticket now.


Thanks, a bit explosive one would say :D It is the world I used for testing 1.15.2 generator :)

@Klemen i copied the code exactly and did external inputs and nothing works, my rectangle of a plane still just stays floating never changing y value


pls help

yeha its a *, hey i was wondering, how could i do one that goes up (Y) when i press SPACE instead of headpitching? trying to make a rocket

 when i press SPACE instead of headpitching?

Use variable and toggle it on space keypress

also quick question; if i use NBTs only i also need to set a number variable for the tab 'ontick' green procedure part?

Klemen, I can't get the head pitch flight to work. Can you send me the file so I can import it, I followed it exactly please help me I really want to do this, also what is the trigger aside from the player tick sub-trigger.


So this helped me by letting my rideable water entity to have y axis controls but how can i increase its speed, it is so slow

yo can do when entity is being riden get event target entity dolphins grace


I still dont understand how to make a helicopter that can go up and down. I want to use buttons pressed like space bar.

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