Java model with comments at the top fails to import

Published by jp9NJpky on Tue, 04/28/2020 - 04:10
Issue description

Comments at the top of a Java model will cause it to fail to import.

Please see the attached files for an example.

This is kind of a problem because:

  1. MCreator shows an incorrect error message. It says "Your modelname is not a valid Java name!". The name is actually valid. Just the comments are messing it up.
  2. Blockbench exports Java models with these comments at the top. So MCreator is doesn't work with Blockbench exports. You have to go in and manually delete the comments to get it working.

Issue comments

Thanks. I did a search but didn't see that one.

I have another issue I want to report, but I've currently hit the time limit (due to this issue).

The animation wizard doesn't work with Blockbench 1.14 Java export, it just shows a blank window. (It does work for Blockbench 1.12 and 1.15 Java export.)

I was able to figure out the issue by playing around with the generated code. It seems like the wizard works when the code has `ModelRenderer` parts, but doesn't work when it has `RendererModel` parts. (As far as I can tell `RendererModel` only exists in 1.14, and was renamed *back* to `ModelRenderer` in 1.15.)

I'll make this into a new issue when the time limit is up?

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