Option to control speed of shooting entity's projectiles

Published by Fredzik on Wed, 05/13/2020 - 11:12
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I have an idea. First imagine making a heavy, strong entity, slow and powerful with ranged attacks. If I could choose ranged attack option for mob like this and want to make it shoot a projectile with huge damage, the entity should have limited speed. Actually there's no option to control shooting speed... I hope it will be added.

Issue comments

I mean time interval between shooting projectiles. For example: mob shoots a projectile, wait 5 seconds, shoot again

Well, it would be a very comfortable option, but it is now possible with procedures

Fort this create an NTB (I think it was called like that) called whatever you want, for this it will be "time" Remember that 20 ticks are one second

When updating a tick of the entity: set NTB time to get NTB time + 1

If: Time = a number (example: 60 (3 seconds)) do: shoot projectile in X, Y Z type (choose) set NTB time to 0

I hope I could have helped, I don't know how to send images, if I knew I would send you the image of the procedure

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