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You said that you will add this in

But it didn't have a ticket ;) I know it's useless to open a ticket for this but it's just to say like "suggested"


You should add a kind of "Mini procedure" which will be a Condition for Structure Generation or even Block Generation

Like if i want to generate Stalagtites in Caves, I can make this Block generate instead of Air (not stone)

And if i want it to generate under stone, The condition procedure is here: Start Block

Generating Condition --> Get block at X Y+1 Z = Stone   AND Get block at X Y-1 Z = Air

Issue comments

We have this in the plan as you said and we will add conditions to many existing mod elements when implemented.

Just for the reference, I will keep the list of planned mod elements for condition here (more will be added with time):

  • Overlay
  • Block particles
  • Mob particles
  • Should ranged item fire
  • Should dimension portal transfer dimension
  • All world generation (structures, plants, ores, ...)
  • AI tasks

Will we also be able to "call conditions" from procedures? (for saving space)

This will be added in MCreator 2020.4:

  • [#49202] Added option for procedures to return a value
  • [#49202] Added "call procedure and get return value" procedure blocks
  • [#49202] Added support for conditions: block, structure, entity, and plant spawning, dimension portal use, and placement, should ranged item fire condition
  • [#49202] Added support for conditions in entity AI builder for AI tasks and goals

Closing the ticket.

Hmm... This is a very unique feature. I can already see its usefulness in repetitive operations, I'm gonna use this quite a bit!

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