MCreator not opening on macOS

Published by rq2003 on Sat, 05/16/2020 - 16:17
Can not reproduce
Issue description

The file download works perfectly fine, but once i go to open the Install file, it loads for a moment and then closes, crashing. I tried installing several versions (older ones), but all had the same problem. I'd add a file if i could, but screenshotting the crash report would be too many files and i can't find the crash report in my pc files

Issue comments

macOS does not have an install file but a DMG image. Please screen record what is happening and post it on say YT and link here. Thanks!

Did you follow the steps on the page I linked?

If you are not sure, make another screen recording of your new install procedure.

Hmm, could you enter this command in the terminal and paste the output here?

cat ~/.mcreator/logs/mcreator.log

2020-05-16-23:41:04 [main/INFO] [Launcher] Starting MCreator 2020.2.14217 - 202000214217
2020-05-16-23:41:04 [main/INFO] [Launcher] Java version: 1.8.0_232, specification: 1.8, VM name: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
2020-05-16-23:41:04 [main/INFO] [Launcher] Current JAVA_HOME for running instance: /Applications/
2020-05-16-23:41:06 [main/DEBUG] [Preferences Manager] Loading preferences from /Users/remyquast/.mcreator/preferences
2020-05-16-23:41:06 [main/WARN] [Launcher] Running in javafx.embed.singleThread environment. This is just a note and should not cause any problems.
2020-05-16-23:41:06 [main/INFO] [Launcher] Installation path: /Applications/
2020-05-16-23:41:06 [main/INFO] [Launcher] User home of MCreator: /Users/remyquast/.mcreator/

This the output

Hmm, this is very strange. Did you try installing it somewhere else (eg. desktop), just to test if applications folder is the problem?

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