GUI Slots don't snap to grid

Published by WenXin2 on Wed, 05/20/2020 - 05:19
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Issue description

After creating a new GUI, I found out that the slots do not line up properly, despite having enabled snap-to-grid, and despite the slots appearing to line up correctly.

This seems to happen if I copy a previously made gui and then reposition/add new slots or if I add new slots to a gui that was already created.


In my workspace, I copied the CrateGUI element and named it CrateGUI2, resized the GUI and repositioned the slots, and then saved it.

Attached is my workspace and the png file it created.

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crate_gui_2.png1.33 KB 1.33 KB
natureplus-1.15.2-1.5.zip471.77 KB 471.77 KB

Issue comments

Your workspace was hit by this snapshot bug too:

  • [Bugfix] Procedure updating failed when older workspaces were imported

I suggest opening all procedures and making sure entity dependency is properly defined.

Unrelated, but wanted to warn ;)

And if things like that happened again,delete the GUI texture then rebuild.If the GUI is broken,select REGENERATE CODE AND REBUILD.


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