Remote Workspace Can't connect to GitHub on macOS

Issue description

So I've created a mod with 86 mod elements. I wanted to create a Remote Workspace to work with people.
I'm following a tutorial on YouTube ( ) by Pylo.
I followed the steps : created a new repository, I clicked on "Remote Workspace" tab in MCreator, copy/pasted the link, entered my Pseudo and my password.
When I click to confirm, my workspace freezes. It doesn't say "MCreator do not respond" it just freezes. I can't enter mod elements, change tab, I can't do anything.

I'm sorry but I don't want to link my workspace, I don't know if people can use it or not and I don't want to.

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Issue comments

Go to <user home>/.mcreator/logs and give the log from the time MCreator froze, so I can see the error log.

Done, I add to zip the file to give it, but when you'll un-zip it, you will have the mcreator.log file

Are you sure this is the log from the time you loaded github? The log is reset each run. Try to load remote workspace again and attach log from that time.

This probably happens due to how Mac handles UI threading, I will check, but I can't promise this will make it in 2020.3.

I've downloaded last snapshot for MCreator 2020.3 and it works! I don't know if it works on the same workspace, but I created a new one and linked it to a GitHub project and it works.

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