Mobs are not Spawning due to breedable checkbox not being check?

Published by Entropy on Sat, 05/23/2020 - 09:14
Can not reproduce
Issue description

Mobs will not spawn if "Check to make this entity breedable" is not checked


MCVer 2020.3 and 2020.2 


Thisis not normal is it ?

Issue comments

So if you could not find out why mobs are not spawning correctly due to a checkbox in my workspace

Should I start my mod over again the code that the IDE generates seems to be getting worse and worse

Attempting to work on this mod makes me bash my head into my desk becaue

I don't know what's the issue most of the time. could be me or it could be the IDE things that should work don't

I don't know if it's from updating from the different versions

I keep holding off and waiting to work on my mod for new versions because of bugs and mising features but run into new bugs or issues

Would it be more advisable to just start over

If so I think waiting for a year or so for mc to mature would most likely be my best bet


Also if you could tell me what the crash was or is about I could try to work around it but telling me it does crash is something I already knew some clarification please

Some clarification on my part the reason I used a global variable for the command execute was because the ' ' around a word would be removed if clicked on again


The crash bug will be fixed in a patch:

  • [Bugfix #61441] On initial entity spawn trigger could crash the world in some cases

For the spawning problem, please make a small isolated example of this bug. You workspace is big and cluttered so there is no way to debug here.

I made one with one mob set to Creature type and creature spawning without breedable type and it spawned, so there is something more to this.

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