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Well I see some of the help entries is not filled and can I just post the entry ID and the description below and you'll consider taking it? :]

And in comments ;)



Determines what block it "looks like" in AIs.

DEFAULT:Just a simple block
BLOCKED:Kinda like DEFAULT and the real meaning...I don't know.
OPEN:like air.
WALKABLE:Able to get pass it,like ladder or torch
TRAPDOOR:Obviosly,it means it is a TRAPDOOR.
FENCE:The AI won't consider jumping above it as it is not possible.
LAVA:They see it as DANGER and like "spikes" in some other games.
WATER:You know it,and for fishes,squids etc.


Slot ids seperated by COMMAS and hoppers will NOT transfer items in these slots into them.


The "cooking time",or time taken to smelt,blast,smoke,or campfire-cooking.


Determines if the potion have bottles.
Example:Splash potion of harming,Drinkable potion of weakness,or Lingering potion of regeneration.


If the plant should tick when natually generated(blocks can never do it unless RANDOM TICK is checked)


Determines how many "Catcis" spawn in each chunk in the biome but if there is no sand this will be useless


Issue comments

Thank you for your contribution. I will consider adding text to these, but if you install the latest snapshot, some of these already have text ;)

I'm NOT using ANY translators but I'm just Chinese and i'm a 4th grade primary school STUDENT!

thesupermodder: please contain yourself on the website or your account will be blocked. You are caps-locking all over the website, opening tickets with lists, and doing all other sorts of violations. I want to keep this website cultivated and professional and you are not helping with this.

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