Add-On for Bedrock Edition 1.14.x is missing features.

Published by ddring9794 on Tue, 05/26/2020 - 21:08
Issue description

Missing Features:

  • ArmorArmor is possible via add-ons, but is very limited.
  • JSON 3D Models - These are used for entity models. Should have the animation pop-up for this like Java 3D Models on Minecraft Forge generators.
  • GUI - These are possible using Scripting API, but requires a prompt to join world when using this. The prompt should be noted on the element.
  • Scripting API - This is a big part of Add-Ons, and is a version exclusive. Maybe add the procedure element to the generator and make it have scripting features instead of normal procedures?

Issue comments

Armor is limited and can't even be used in the right slots, we will go along their feature path.

3D models are planned, so are GUIs.

Scripting API has very specific use cases so I will see what can and what not be done on this.

Maybe in the next update or hotfix, you could make the feature list mention the feature is coming soon instead of have the ×?

I can not tell when something will come. It depends on two things

  • actual support for it in MC
  • my time to add it

Only I work on programming this software and do it for free so I can not give dates and such, I simply do this when I can ;)

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