Changing mob damage isn't working for ranged attacks.

Published by Dragma2005 on Wed, 05/27/2020 - 22:46
Issue description

I can't change the damage dealt by a ranged mob. It always does like 4 damage, I think that's the damage of a skeleton. I have changed the "Attack Strength" multiple times, I do NOT have an Entity Base for the AI (what I do have is, from top to bottom, Attack Player > Fight attacker mobs back, call for help > Attack other animals > Wander > Look Around >Swim/Float). I have locked the code, and it does say it does the right amount of damage, but I'm not good with code so I couldn't tell if something is wrong. I have tried closing the workspace, closing MCreator, changing the damage back and forth, and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting. It's pretty annoying since I don't really want to go farther in this mod until it's fixed (the mobs are pretty important in the mod, as they guard the block that the whole mod is based around).

Issue comments

Ranged attack damage is indeed fixed. I will make it inherit mob damage value in the next update.

The default arrow has an attack value of 2, this is normal as this is arrow attack value.

But I will make custom ranged items inherit these parameters when used with a ranged entity.

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