Some options are blocked (V.2 with much more info like u asked)

Published by boyflo06 on Wed, 06/10/2020 - 08:56
Works as designed
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So last time i made the same issue but apparently i didnt put everything. So i decided to create an other one with all the details the devs needed.

So like before, idk if its a bug or not.

So when i try to create a block/item/tool/ everything. Some options are blocked. IJn this case, I tried to make an ore, like every new user on this patform. and if i want it to only spawn in the desert, i can't; the "the restriction biomes thing is just off. You can see that because the "+" icon and the "x" icon are grey compared to the two "modifiers" on top witch have a green "+" and a red "x". 

There are so many other options that don't work:/

Thank you

PS: Sorry if my gramar and all these kinda stuff are not that good. It's cause icome from Belgium and my first language is French

PS 2: Th situation i talked about above is about the photo i've put in.

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Issue comments

Now I can help as you specified it is addon generator type.

From the 2020.3 release article:

There are some limitations to this as Bedrock Edition Add-Ons are still an experimental feature in Minecraft, but many mods are already possible.

Currently, not all features are possible due to limited modding API. Bedrock does not run on Java so standard modding is not possible but only features exposed by the Modding API.


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