Bedrock Add-On Experimental Warning

Published by Trolmaso on Wed, 06/10/2020 - 18:05
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Issue description

I suggest that once you create a workspace, a message appears that says: 

"WARNING: Minecraft Bedrock Add-ons are VERY experimental and is new to both MCreator and Minecraft, so alot of features are missing and/or grayed out!" 

Or Something like that. It's up to you guys in the end ;)

This would prevent people from seeing that they aren't able to enable a certain feature, and heading straight to the forums and/or the issue tracker and saying that they aren't able to change it, as I have been seeing this a lot on the site.

I know that it says it before you create it, but it is somewhere that not a lot of people look, and it is very small.

Issue comments

But it is in yellow :D

I added, for example, warning that importing 1.15.2 model in 1.14.4 will not work, one has to click OK to continue.

Yet I get a few reports a week of users doing exactly this.

Nice idea and nice that you noticed this, but I don't want to punish all users with another warning box that users opening tickets reporting missing features will still choose to ignore.

They can still import the 1.15.2 model in 1.15.2 and then switch version to 1.14.4.

This warning makes users that choose to read it aware of this fact.

Blocking only for 1.14.4 and not making users aware of the facts around this in the case of 1.15.2 does not sound wise to me.

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