Build Errors

Issue description

MCreator keeps failing. I reinstalled MCreator, tryed regetting the grade, deleted all MCreator files and redownloading them, restarting my PC, but nothing seems to be working. MCreator works fine with 1.14.4 mods but has this error when I try to use 1.15.2

Error log:

Issue comments

  1. Caused

  2.     by: Cannot run program

  3.     "D:\Pylo\MCreator\jdk\bin\java.exe" (in directory

  4.     "C:\Users\yoyod\.mcreator\gradle\daemon\4.10.3"): CreateProcess error=740,

  5.     The requested operation requires elevation

It seems like MCreator does not have permissions to run files.

Install MCreator in a file with right permissions or run MCR as admin.

Also, make sure AV or other tools are not interfering with MCreator.

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